Maria Gudelis on 2008 Real Estate Investment

March 9, 2008

On real estate investing tactics, click on the name, Maria Gudelis, to see the short video.

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Enjoy, Maria Gudelis vids

Maria Gudelis interviews Real Estate Expert

March 9, 2008

Maria Gudelis mp3 interviewMaria Gudelis just posted a quick mp3 of an interesting tactic for selling real estate online using eBay.

Secret Question Video of Dustin Hamilton

March 5, 2008

Maria Gudelis  reviews a new product coming…video series sneak peak…unlock the secrets of the realtors and builders by simply asking this one question.  Click on the name below to see the vid: on YouTube

Maria Gudelis Reviews Hamilton

Maria Gudelis on Dustin’s Real Estate Rocket Series

March 2, 2008

Maria Gudelis, Dustin Hamilton announced hot real estate news project., interviews Dustin Hamiltion, a Florida real estate expert, announced recently his involvement in the latest real estate news project, Real Estate Rocket Series.

The Real Estate Rocket Series (RERS) will be a series of investigative video reports on the Florida real estate market tied into the falling U.S. dollar and the foreign demand for a piece of ocean front real estate. From Miami to Jacksonville, Orlando to Naples, Dustin Hamilton’s debut of the RERS will be welcome information to buyers world-wide as it will be unbiased (not from a realtor), and factual!

This is exciting news to all followers of real estate news and potential investors interested in the Florida real estate market.  “2008 provides incredible opportunities to get in on sunny Florida real estate while the dollar is low, the real estate deals are at never seen prices before in the last 5 years….foreign buyers are coming in the droves to get a piece of Florida real estate” says Maria Gudelis.

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Maria Gudelis discovers expert…who is Mad at Florida Real Estate INvestors

March 2, 2008

Dustin Hamilton reveals the BullOk, Maria Gudelis here and I just interviewed Florida real estate investor millionaire, Dustin Hamilton.  He is mad as a raging bull about the real estate so-called ‘professionals’ in Florida. Here is the deal, they aren’t making the easy money as they were 3 years ago when buyers came in the droves and literally threw money at them…so anyone who could spell their own name became a ‘licensed realtor’ or as I call it ‘part of the mafia’!

You see, Dustin achieved his wealth at a tender age of 45 by making wise real estate investments in Florida thanks to his millionaire mentor that coached him 20 years ago when he was a young playboy chasing skirts on the tennis courts!  Now that he is semi-retired, the daily stories heard about realtors pushing ‘new builder homes’ to prospective buyers has gotten so abominable that he decided to come out of ‘retirement’ and expose what is really happening in the Florida real estate market.

Bottom-line…don’t trust ANYONE!  Why does your realtor say ‘this is a fantastic deal’?  ….Because they are 99% likely to be getting a huge 14% commission from the builder!  Let me lay it on the line here…they won’t show you the foreclosure deals aplenty in Florida because maybe they will get an average commission of 3% of the purchase price – even though it can make you $100,000 AT LEAST if you get those deals! 

So that is why Dustin is launching  “Real Estate Rocket Series’ to show you the REAL Florida REal Estate!

Maria Gudelis 2008